6 Things You Never Thought Refrigerated Transport Service Could Carry

To ensure overall quality and freshness, you or your business must transport many things in refrigerated vans or trucks for various reasons. Examples include milk and milk products, meat, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, dry meals, beverages, and other items. These refrigerated transport companies in Dubai do, however, occasionally carry and transport other products.

You are right if you assumed that your company would benefit from using a refrigerated transport service. Before making a choice, consider how far your products must go and the temperature and humidity levels needed to maintain them. Perishable items can be carried and transported in safety and protection with the help of our dependable temperature-controlled Chiller van rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Let’s talk about some other goods that our chilled transportation service can transport that you probably never considered.

1.    Honey Bees

It might seem unusual, but many businesses utilize chilled transportation services for the transportation of honey bees. These insects produce a great deal of heat trapped inside an enclosed cargo during transport. When heat cannot escape from the car, it builds up and affects both the health of the bees and the amount of honey produced. This is where Dubai-based businesses like us that provide refrigerated transport will excel. Vehicles equipped with refrigeration would assist in reducing this issue.

2.    Christmas Trees

With Christmas approaching, this one may gain your attention. A refrigerated transportation service van is the finest alternative for delivering a magnificent, fresh, and lively Christmas tree to a friend’s or relative’s home. Chilled shipping services are the best option for keeping the tree fresh and energetic for as long as possible.

3.    Personal Care And Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products and their transportation are significantly dependent on refrigerated transport. Perfumes, cosmetics, and personal care products are moved from manufacturing plants to warehouses and finally to stores in these refrigerated transportation units to avoid spoilage. Lipsticks, for example, will only melt if the correct temperature is maintained. In addition, perfumes risk becoming sour without the right temperature during transit. This is where Cool Van refrigerated transport companies come in.

4.    Artwork And Antiquities

Art museums significantly try to preserve the quality of the artworks in their care. Keeping them at a constant temperature is one approach to care for them in a good state. Furthermore, they would uphold the same temperature restrictions as beverages when transporting the artwork. Thus, museum authorities and individual collectors would use refrigerated vans and cold storage in Dubai to maintain the required humidity and temperature levels when it comes to exporting or keeping antiquities and artwork.

5.    Tobacco Products

It is a surprise to know that even popular tobacco goods like cigars, cigarettes and other products need strict temperature controls to maintain their quality and freshness. Tobacco products may become stiff and brittle and create an intense flavor because the leaves get dry by excessive heat that impacts the aromatic compounds.

Instead of maintaining their fleet, most tobacco companies now hire reputable third-party refrigerated transport firms to reduce costs. In this instance, 4 to 15 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature range.

6.    Chemicals And Hazardous Materials

Most industrial sectors require a sizable amount of chemicals and other materials that may be toxic to the environment or damage human health. It is essential to maintain proper temperature management and apply other restrictive measures to stop any chance of disastrous effects. Refrigerated transportation plays a significant role once more in this situation.


You will need a refrigerated transport service if you carry any of these items. Cool Van chiller truck in Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the perfect way to turn to if you are in and around Dubai. Call us right now to get in touch.

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