9 Tips To Help To Keep Food Fresh With Chiller Van

Many foods are grown from the ground, and they have different capacities. These food items are required to be kept in a preconditioned environment. Some of these items must be held in a chilled environment; if kept at average temperature, the food can diminish quality.

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To prevent any harm to the food, you must follow some ways to keep it fresh. You must assist adequately while keeping the food items in the chiller vans.

Various kinds of food need different treatments to be carried out properly without having any effect on the quality, taste, and texture. Following are the ways to keep food fresh with chiller vans.

  • A clean chiller van is important.

It is essential that the van you get to transfer your products is clean and disinfected. Bacteria and smell can cause the food to go bad and rotten. Ensure there is no new trash and the van floor is washed and tidy.

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  • Precooling The Van

Have the cooling started before the expected time of conducting the product. It will have an immediate effect, and the heat will be eliminated. It takes time for the chiller to be effective, and if not turned on previously, it will not have a strong cooling effect when you put the goods, which may have a harmful impact on the food.

  • Temperature Checking And Recording

Recording the temperature might not seem as necessary, but it is. You should check what product needs to be held at which temperature. Otherwise, the quality of the product can be damaged. 

  • Put The Food In Containers.

Food preservation techniques such as canning entail preserving food in airtight containers that have been heated before use. Transporting dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and meat items frequently employs this method. Aluminum can be used to make containers because it doesn\’t break easily and is lightweight.

  • Dehydrated Food

Removing moisture from food before shipping it through a chiller van can also help it stay fresh for a long time since dehydration stops the growth of bacteria that can hasten the enzyme activities and cause degradation. This technique has been around for a very long time, back when the sun and wind were the primary drying agents.

  • Using Sugar

Early societies employed sugar as a preservative since it was common practice to keep fruits in honey. In chilly climates where there is insufficient sunlight to dry food, it is usual practice to use sugar with food. You can use it with the food that you want to ship through a chiller van.

  • Irradiation

Food is exposed to ionizing radiation using this technique. Gamma rays and beta particles are two examples of the several ionizing radiation kinds that can be applied. This technique eliminates bacteria, mold, and insect pests. It lessens fruit ripening and spoilage. A perfect tip to help in preserving your food when moving it long distance. 


Refrigeration preserves food by reducing the activity of germs, which stops them from growing and finally kills them.

The refrigerator\’s creation has enhanced food preservation while also making previously inaccessible food available. To preserve their freshness, food is transported in refrigerated vans and trucks.

At Cool Van, we recognize how critical it is that our refrigerator vans work in accordance with industry requirements. We promise that our refrigerated vehicles will continue to serve you for many years. Our internal engineer team ensures that each refrigerated van we sell is in working order. So, contact us for our freezer van rental in Dubai.

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