Are Chiller Trucks Easy To Maintain?

Maintenance of vehicles is the mandatory part of keeping them well and running. The chiller trucks are specialized vehicles, so their care and maintenance are required more frequently. In cities like Dubai, with high temperatures, chiller truck rental is quite common. Since they are on the route too far and wide with a heavy chiller installed, they are more prone to wear and tear.

They are mandatory to maintain a specific temperature for the carriage of the goods. 

So check their maintenance well to avoid their sudden breakdown, seizing your perishable goods transport business. Most of the time, chiller truck rentals in Dubai appoint maintenance companies that look after the equipment per schedule.

These professionals examine different parts and elements of it. 

How To Take Care Of The Chiller Trucks-DIY

Maintaining a chiller van might be costly and time taking. With the chiller truck rental, you do not have enough time. But the good thing is you can also do it yourself with the small guide here.

Check for Leaks and Operation:

Checking for leaks in coolant and operation is the first thing. Once the amount of coolant decreases, it won’t let you maintain the chill temperature. Hence it can destroy the quality of the perishable and life-saving supplies required to deliver at the specific temperature. 

You can simply run the test on joints with a bit of soapy water that makes foam in case of leaks. This method is easy to carry out and never costly at all.

Check For Oil And Fluids:

You know your chiller van is on the route, and you can’t afford its breakdown because it carries perishable goods. Whether it is brake oil or engine oil, you must check it frequently. Along with the wastage, fluids are correctly drained and not blocked by the chiller van system.


Cleaning the chiller van might be time taking. Every week clean the inside of the chiller truck or van. Clean the walls and the ceiling inside and outside of the doors. After cleaning, check for the areas that need to be appropriately greased. Do not use harsh materials that may cause corrosion to the surface inside.

Clean the truck’s vents and drains carefully and ensure they work correctly.

Follow The Guidelines:

Chiller van rental Dubai has strict guidelines for loading and unloading the goods. You must keep a proper check on following the guidelines. Like the weight of the load, material, and dimensions are all important. The goods with sharp ends might cause scratches and pierce the inside insulation. This results in damage to the operation.


The chiller rental truck is a significant investment and needs to be maintained with extra care and time. Apart from the specialized checkups with little tips and tricks, you can also take care of the vehicle without wasting massive amounts.

All you need to do is to check for loose hoses, oils, and fluids and adequately clean them.

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