Are Chiller Vans Reliable to Transport Perishable Goods?

Are you confused about what chiller vans are and how they work? Do you want to explore options for your business? Will they be able to keep your items safe during the travel? You have landed in the right place where we will answer all your queries. We bring you the best chiller van rental in Dubai.

When the business grows, deliveries of items need to reach places farther than where you started. If you deal with things that require controlled temperatures to stay fresh or usable, then it is time to look into such rentals. We bring you the most reliable temperature-controlled vans and trucks.

What Can They Transfer?

These vans have gained immense popularity since you can use them to transport almost anything. You don’t have to be concerned about food, medications, chemicals, or even flowers if you need them transported. At Cool Van, you interact with responsible staff and are provided with safe transportation. The reason behind our acclaimed success is the openness, honesty, and integrity that we show. Hence, making us the leading logistic provider in Dubai.

How Does It Work?

Do you have a refrigerator at home? These vans work the same way by using an insulated, airtight compartment. The insulation helps soak up any heat inside the truck while dissolving the heat outside the chamber. The insulation ensures that the items inside the vans stay cold and do not become unsafe to use. You would require a chiller van, especially when you cannot afford to have the product’s temperatures rise. Such as a bakery delivering birthday or wedding cakes. You do not want the cake to melt away under the sun. The same goes for pharmaceutical products and so on.

Do I Have Options for The Capacity?

When you rent chiller vans in Dubai from us at Cool Van, we can provide you with vans with standard roofing that is sufficient for 1-ton freight and high-roof vans for 1.5 tons. These vans work at temperatures of 0°F to – 10°F. Meanwhile, Chiller Trucks are available if freight size increases. These trucks have a capacity from 3 tons to 10 tons. You can rent any size vehicle according to your freight size and needs. On days when your freight size is large, you can rent trucks; on days when sales are low, you can rent vans. There is no compulsion over which vehicle you can rent.

Do They Provide Adequate Protection?

These refrigerated chiller vans are designed to transport perishable goods over short and long distances. Once you have rented them, you do not need to worry about your items withering, despite the long distances. The freezers can regulate the temperature of these vans according to the need. Meat or fish must be frozen, while chiller vehicles must keep medication, farm fruits, and vegetables at a temperature below 4°F. Damage, deterioration, and even theft are all lessened in this way.  The most plausible aspect of renting chiller vans is the ability to successfully manage and send your product from one state to another without the risk of any damage due to harsh weather conditions. However, well-maintained and quality roads are necessary. If that is present, renting chiller vans is your best option for transporting perishable goods.

Final Words

Therefore, you do not need to be confused about renting a chiller van, doubt its functionality, or its capability of preserving your goods perfectly in its temperature-controlled chambers. To rent any size of chiller or refrigerated transportation, contact us at Cool Van, and we will take care of all your needs making sure you are delighted as our goal is your satisfaction.

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