Benefits of Refrigerated Vans for Pharmaceutical Companies

The job of making efficient and timely delivery of medications is one of utmost importance!

One can’t stress enough how vital it is to ensure medication reaches its final destination in the intended form.

The technique of conveying pharmaceutical products that need to be refrigerated is known as cold supply chain distribution. Given that a significant portion of the specialized commodities available on the market is injectable and biological pharmaceuticals, a well-designed complex chain delivery infrastructure is crucial. 

In these supply chains, it is possible to store and transport medications thanks to refrigerated vehicles properly. Supplies like vaccines and insulin must be kept at a steady, cold temperature. Because of this, refrigerated vehicles are crucial to the movement of certain medicinal products.

Medication logistics are highly sensitive and tricky to handle. Lucky for you, with Cool Van by your side, whether you need a freezer van for rent in Dubai or a chiller van, we got it all!

Temperature Sensitive Medicines

Temperature-sensitive medications that need to be transported and stored in a refrigerator typically have a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C. These storage guidelines have been put in place to guarantee patient safety and the maximum level of medicinal efficacy. Even though you can temporarily store most temperature-sensitive medications at room temperature, doing so can adversely impact the medication.


People with a specific type of diabetes need to take insulin to keep their blood sugar levels within a reasonable range because diabetes is a metabolic disorder marked by high blood sugar levels. Although not all types of insulin require cold storage, temperature-sensitive insulin is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, whether hot or cold. Never expose this insulin to temperatures over 8°C or below 2°C as doing so will render it inactive or even deadly.


Vaccines must be preserved at very low temperatures, perhaps as low as -70°C. These subzero conditions maintain the stability of these immunizations. It can be a race against time to administer them after they start to thaw, so they don’t end up being ineffective. Refrigerated vehicles support immunization through cold chain systems by facilitating the timely distribution of potentially life-saving vaccines. 

The most critical factor in the demand for refrigerated vans in pharmaceutical supply chains is the near-impossibility of delivering life-saving and life-improving medications worldwide without them. The most dependable trucks on the market are available near you, thanks to Cool Van. Contact us immediately if you want to expand your delivery fleet with a refrigerated truck.

The medical sector is constantly aiming to surpass high standards. Pharmaceutical corporations are starting to outsource the distribution of medical goods to cold chain logistics services to save expenses. Cool Van is highly reliable and can assist businesses wishing to improve their refrigeration transportation services. With our knowledgeable staff behind us, we are prepared to work with you to develop the ideal refrigeration vehicle to meet your company’s demands. We provide several custom solutions. Your medical supplies are in the finest possible hands with our top-of-the-line refrigerated vehicles as we work with you to maximize distribution efficiency!

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