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Different Types of Chiller Vans And Chiller Trucks In Dubai

Refrigerated and chiller vehicles are one of the most important variables of supply chain logistics in this world. Many companies use these vehicles to keep their products cool and keep the heat out whenever they are transporting goods over longer distances. These trucks and vans are equipped with top-notch temperature-controlled systems. They are used for keeping the temperatures down to the lowest, so the products inside are fresh whenever they are delivered to the customers. 

If you want to learn about the different types of chiller vans and chillers trucks, then keep reading this blog. You will get to know about these trucks and vans.

What Is Chiller/Refrigerated Freight Shipping?

Chiller/refrigerated freight shipping is one of the best freight transportation that comes with low-temperature cooling systems inside the vehicles. These vehicles are used for delivering foods and other products from one place to another in a temperature-controlled and tightly monitored environment to maintain the quality of the product and to keep them safe. 

Below is the list of the items which are transported in chiller vans and trucks:

Perishable food:

Meat, seafood, dairy products, eggs, fruits, and vegetables must be stored in a refrigeration or chilling system. Refrigerated and chiller trucks are important for transporting these items since you can’t afford the rejection because of spoilage. 

Throughout the years, the technology advancements have taken up the shippers’ experience to a whole new level. It has made it easier for their supply chain partners ability for tracking down and monitoring the food shipments to keep the quality and freshness maintained. For delivering stuff like this, you can always go for rental chiller trucks for dairy products


Sometimes people want to deliver beer, wine, spirits, and other non-alcoholic beverages, which are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and they have to be refrigerated during transportation and warehousing. 


Most of the medicines and pills come with strict temperature ranges, which the shippers have to take care of. An excursion of temperature might alter the chemical stability of medications and vaccines, which might result in lowering efficacy. It can trigger life-threatening consequences if it is consumed. Some pharmaceuticals need technology to regulate air moisture. 


While we know that shipping electronics isn’t as demanding as those for the consumable products that we mentioned above, there are some thresholds that you need to keep in mind while delivering electronics. It is because they need to be within the temperature to arrive in a better working condition. Generally, the electronics have to be kept at room temperature, that is, between 10 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius, to keep the casings from overheating and batteries from melting.

Bigger equipment like computers has to be shipped and preserved at 18-20 degrees Celsius. You can’t with the lowest temperatures because that will freeze the batteries and crack the casings. 


Flowers fall into a different category, and you can’t store them in too cold storage because they will be ruined since the petals will be damaged. While you can’t just leave them in an uncontrolled atmosphere as they will wilt or rot if left. A temperature-controlled truck will be the right choice for transporting flowers. 


Cosmetics need to be stored in colder temperatures because the active ingredients inside these products will last longer and allow the product to be effective on you.

Fine art and antiques:

Rising temperatures can cause cracks and splits in paintings. Fine art and antiques have to be transported and stored between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. 

Different Types of Chiller Vans and Trucks:

Chiller vans and trucks come in different types around the world. Read about them below:

Semi-Freezer Van:

Semi-freezer vans come with advanced insulation, which is about 75 mm thicker than most chiller and insulation vans. It boasts a higher refrigeration capacity than any other van. These vans are used for transporting frozen foods and other stuff that have to stay below-freezing temperatures. It comes with quick defrost measures, which will eliminate the need for a defrost heater. 

Full-Freezer Van:

Full-freezer vans are jacked up with high-end freezers with temperature-controlling systems inside them. They share some of the same features as the semi-freezer vans, but they have thicker, heat-resistant doors and sidewalls. It lessens how much the inside of the cargo will be heating because of the conduction from the sun’s rays on the exterior. 

Refrigerated Van:

Refrigerated vans are used for transporting goods since they are equipped with an isothermal system inside them, which guarantees total insulation for the goods. These refrigerated vans are ideal since they have the appropriate temperature for fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, ice cream, and medicines. On top of that, there’s a good amount of space inside these vans. The rear doors are wide enough to load and unload stuff without any hassle.

Freezer Truck:

Delivering the perishable goods was never easy as these freezer trucks have the features of keeping your stuff cool and fresh with the temperature-controlled system inside them. These trucks have high-end systems which are able to keep all your organic goods in perfect condition. Moreover, you can also transport fruits, vegetables, meat, medicines, chemicals, or anything. 

Refrigerated Truck:

Refrigerated trucks feature the latest and up-to-date cooling technology inside them, which you can control as per your preferences. You can transport perishable goods, which include food, medicine, pharmaceuticals, or anything you want. Most dairy products business owners can take these refrigerated trucks for their products since it will keep their products in better condition. 

Chiller Truck:

Chiller trucks are the best temperature-controlled logistics as they have an ample amount of space inside them. You can gain control over the temperatures and set them as per your needs. These trucks have the capacity to carry 3.5 tons of weight and transport it. You can send a whole batch of food products or other delicate products in these trucks. You can lower the temperature to 5 degrees Celsius or take it up to 10 degrees Celsius as per your preferences.

What To Choose?

Now that you know about these trucks and how they can be helpful for your business, it depends on you to choose the van or truck. You can go for the one that ticks all the boxes for your requirement. Pick it up and deliver your goods with these trucks. If you are an owner of a business in the UAE, you can check out the chiller truck in Abu Dhabi or Dubai from our fleet. 

Final Thoughts:

Chiller vans and trucks have been doing wonders for the businesses out there for many years. These vehicles utilize a high-end temperature-control system inside them, which makes it easier for businesses to transport their product from one place to another without worrying about anything. They won’t be getting any rejection from their customers because of the spoilage. If you want to send your products to your customers, then Cool Van is here for you. We have chiller vans for rental in the UAE for our clients.

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