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We provide multiple services one might need for their temperature-controlled transportation needs, such as refrigerated trucks, chiller trucks, and freezer trucks. At Cool Van, we provide the means for you to transport temperature-sensitive items with proper care and without spoiling them.

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A refrigerated truck  is a great choice when you need to transport goods that require certain temperature control. These trucks are most frequently used to transport edible goods and other sorts of products like cosmetic goods or hazardous materials.

These kinds of vehicles include refrigerated vans or semi-trailer vehicles. The engines equipped in these trucks provide the most accurate temperature possible during transit. They are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from the smallest refrigerator vans all the way up to the largest refrigerated trailers that offer a much more significant amount of cargo space for safe and spacious transport.

In order to ensure on-time and fresh deliveries, a Chiller truck  is a great option. The only thing to keep in mind is that owning a chiller truck can be expensive and could be a lot more budget-friendly to lease or rent rather than owning a chiller truck.

When getting freezer truck  from Cool Van, you can rest assured knowing that you get the best vehicle for the best price. Our modern refrigerated trucks are available in limits of 3 tons, 5 tons, and 10 tons. A freezer truck is a cost-effective solution for transporting crops, meat, or even medicine.

A freezer truck is a cost-effective solution for transporting crops, meat, or even medicine.

A refrigerator van , not to be confused with a freezer van, is designed to carry materials that need to be kept at 0 degrees Celsius or below. These can be categorized as mostly domestically refrigerated goods, like dairy meats or seafood.

Freezer vans are perfect for goods that must be transported at a temperature equal to or less than 0 degrees Celsius. These goods include frozen foods like meat or dairy products. Each freezer van in our inventory has an up-to-date refrigeration unit to ensure optimum performance.

Our chiller vans are created to withstand all sorts of harsh elements or conditions. Since each unit is made to order, cooler vans can customize stroll-in coolers to suit your needs. Cool Van offers the best, most efficient refrigerated vans and
chiller vans  in UAE and specializes in temperature-controlled transport

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