Refrigerated Truck Rental

The Best Refrigerated Truck Rental Service In Dubai, Abu Dhabi

You may have various reasons why you need a refrigerated transportation facility to move your perishable goods cargo. If you are looking for a reliable temperature-controlled truck in Dubai, Abu Dhabi to carry and transport perishable goods, we have trucks to serve you! Cool Van offers the most reliable refrigerated truck service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and guarantees safe cargo transportation. Another favorable aspect is low-cost service, as we keep our rates as low as possible in the industry. All our refrigerated trucks are well equipped with up-to-date cooling technology. Our truck drivers are skilled and experienced and know how to maintain the cargo temperature throughout the journey. Whenever you need to transport perishable goods, like food, medicine, chemicals, or anything, you can contact us to have an excellent experience. We always focus on the safety and security of your freight and ensure that we deliver it on time. We have been operating with a large fleet of refrigerated trucks with high-end temperature-controlled technology.

Refrigerated Truck Hire UAE

Chiller Truck 3.5 Ton With Tail Lift

Price with Driver/ Month = 8500 AED
Price without Driver/ Month = 6500 AED

Mitsubishi Canter 3.5 Ton Refrigerated Truck With Partition

Price with Driver/ Month = 9000 AED
Price without Driver/ Month = 7000 AED


Reasons for choosing our refrigerated truck rental service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

We serve Dubai, Abu Dhabi by delivering the most reliable refrigerated truck transportation service. If you are running a restaurant, selling fruits, or selling beverage products and need to move goods from one place to another, we are here to assist for chiller van rental for dairy products! It does not matter if your company is large or small or has a specific business nature. Our refrigerated truck rental service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi serves all, regardless of anything else. Having your own vehicle requires maintenance, and companies will have to invest money and time. We help our respected clients by providing them with the best rental services and preventing them from investing a lot to have their own truck. It is a sensible approach for them to get a refrigerated truck for rent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi by spending less.
As our trucks are perfect for carrying various perishable products, our refrigerated truck rental service has become the most preferred one in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. You can expect trucks with the best refrigeration system and up to 1.5ton capacity to carry and transport.
Another reason to choose our refrigerated truck rental service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the number of guarantees. We guarantee:

  • The best thermal insulation
  • Safely and timely delivery
  • Market-competitive rents
  • Transportation of all perishable goods
  • Best temperature control technology

Our refrigerated trucks are perfect for delicate food and groceries that require a specific and constant temperature range. Whether your cargo contains medical supplies, food or beverage items, or industrial chemicals, we know how to keep particular goods by maintaining a specific temperature throughout the journey. Every member of Cool Van strives to maintain everything you can expect from a professional refrigerated rental company. You can hire our refrigerated van for rent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE by contacting us at +971 58 853 8513or via email at

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