What Are Types And Advantages Of Temperature-Controlled Logistics Vans?

One of the most important operations for companies manufacturing or distributing perishable products is transportation. And for these products, temperature-controlled refrigerated and chiller vans are an ideal solution.

It is common for businesses dealing in perishable products to benefit from chiller van rental services in Abu Dhabi to transport their products safely. Hiring chiller vans for rent is beneficial from many perspectives. These vans are properly equipped with advanced temperature-controlled systems to make deliveries of perishable products.

In this blog, you will learn more about the types of chiller and refrigerated logistics vans and the advantages of getting a van for rent. So, let’s dive into this:

Types Of Temperature-Controlled Vans

If your business requires a temperature-controlled van, these are the different options:

Chiller Vans

These vans are equipped with the best temperature-controlled system. Typically, these vans provide +5 °C to +10 °C temperatures and cater to all cargo transportation needs.

Freezer Vans

These vans have an advanced freezing system that maintains constant temperatures. Their working temperatures are 0°F or – 10°F (- 18°C/ – 23°C).

Refrigerator Vans

These vans have an insulated box and a cold source, which keeps the temperature of the box low. These vehicles work optimally if the average outside temperature does not exceed 30°C.

Advantages Of The Chiller Van Rental Service

The perishable products require a specific temperature to transport from one place to another. Their manufacturers know the importance of maintaining their temperature. Maintaining cold is necessary for the production process and during the transport to the points of sale before reaching the final consumer.

Explore how a reliable chiller van rental service could be beneficial to your freight:

Safe Freight Handling

Regarding the standards, you can expect the absolute safety of your freight. If you hire a chiller van for transportation, the service provider knows how to preserve the product’s properties and prevent them from degrading. Depending on the product, temperature-controlled vans keep the temperature constant that sensitive products require.

Vans Equipped With Technologies

Another favorable aspect is that these vans have the most up-to-date cold chain technologies. These include silent refrigeration systems, standby facilities, and proper temperature recorders.

Affordable Rental Charges

Buying vehicles to maintain your cold chain during transportation, freezer, refrigerator, and chiller vans are usually expensive. The best solution is to hire a chiller van for rent at affordable prices. These logistics vans represent high expenses for the company in insurance, repairs, maintenance, and fuel, among others. So, renting a refrigerator and chiller van in Abu Dhabi will cut your cost.

Final Words

Hiring a refrigerator and chiller van for rent will allow you to deliver your delicate products while maintaining their quality and good appearance. It is not necessary to invest heavily in these vans because of the rental services available to you.

Cool Van is your companion if you need a refrigerator or chiller van to transport your perishable products safely. We offer the best refrigerator and chiller van rental service in Abu Dhabi that is economical and safe. We assure you that will keep any item fresh. Contact us today!

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